Monday, 24 October 2011

steel's real

Millar, Peiper, Ludvig, Ekimov, Vanderaerden, Fondriest and the formidable Director Sportif - Peter Post aka de Lange all played a major part in Team Panasonic. The exploits of that team and era that they competed in is legendary. 

We may all suffer from rose tinted Oakley Factory Pilots as time rolls on, some even go to the lengths of adding to the memory. My memory of Anderson and co was them riding Campag, but I wouldn't say no to a test ride Alan Tensey's brace of Merckx lovelies.

Even though cyclesguff attempt to keep this blog from being 'click on this link' type of place. It is quite possible that you can't locate a vhs player and your old tapes (not on a PDM tape though) and enjoy some class moments. Thankfully, youtube has come to the rescue for those of us that have added to landfill.

If you look closey, a youthful Phil Anderson is learning from the badger. If you don't have the time this pic will do.

Stay upright

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